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We deeply value our clients. As we grow, our network of collaboration expands, bringing more hospitals into our fold. Our vision is to connect every hospital in Scandinavia, enabling all to leverage the diverse resources spread across the region. At European Medical Drone, we customize solutions to match our clients’ specific needs. Utilizing advanced systems and drones, we guarantee seamless and efficient medical transport, ensuring precision and reliability every step of the way.

  • Long-Distance Drones: Our hybrid drone, designed for extended range, can cover distances up to 1400km and carry payloads of up to 40kg. It’s the perfect solution for efficient transport between hospitals that are far apart.
  • Short-Distance Drones: For shorter connections within 30km range, our short-range electric drone is the perfect choice. With a maximum capacity of 15kg, it provides swift and reliable transport for hospitals in close proximity
Assessing your requirements

At European Medical Drone, we prioritize understanding your distinct needs to offer the best-suited solutions. After a thorough assessment, we present a custom package tailored to your specifications. While our primary expertise is in drone operations, we also provide extensive training and assistance in establishing your drone setup.

Clear advantages of joining our innovative sollutions are;

Reducing In-Patient Time

At European Medical Drone, our goal is to minimize in-patient waiting time. We offer swift and efficient transport of blood plasma and medical equipment, eliminating delays associated with traditional car transportation. Whether it’s for scheduled procedures or urgent needs, our services guarantee prompt delivery, enhancing patient care every step of the way.

Environmental Responsibility

At European Medical Drone, our dedication to environmental responsibility is paramount. Leveraging advanced drone technology, we slash the carbon footprint of medical transport by an impressive 99%. Opting for our services means you’re actively championing sustainable and eco-friendly healthcare solutions.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our services present a cost-effective solution compared to traditional transport means. Utilizing drones, you can substantially cut down transportation expenses, freeing up your budget for other crucial healthcare requirements

Enhanced Cooperations Between Hospitals

European Medical Drone promotes stronger collaboration among hospitals, enhancing accessibility to medical services for communities. By connecting to our network, hospitals have the opportunity to collaborate, share resources, and broaden their impact

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What should you consider when establishing a drone route for hospital transport?


What are your requirements?

By providing details on weight capacity, desired distance, and flight frequency, we can determine the best system tailored to your needs.


What budget range have you allocated for this project?

Understanding your budget allows us to identify the most suitable solution for your organization. This could even encompass a phased investment, including an initial testing phase.


What is your desired start date for the project?

It’s vital to establish a start date that aligns with both your organization’s availability and our scheduling constraints. Securing approvals and initiating operations can be time-consuming, so timely planning is crucial.

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