Connecting hospitals through aviation

Setting the standard for safe, efficient, and eco-friendly medical transport.

Our Mission is to facilitate sharing of vital resources among hospitals

Experience the future of healthcare delivery with the European Medical Drone network. Our revolutionary system allows hospitals to request and receive essential supplies such as blood, medicines, and medical equipment from anywhere within our expansive network.


Skilled Aviators

Our team comprises season helicopter pilots and drone enthusiasts with diverse aviation backgrounds, including medical services, oil and gas, and drone development.


Specialized Drones

We employ cutting-edge drones designed exlusivily for medical transport. Safety, cargo capacity, and extended range are our top priorities.


Environmental care

Our hybrid drones emit only 1% of the CO2 produced by helicopters, ensuring a greener and cleaner future for medical aviation.


Unrivaled performance

Experience unmatched performance with our drones, boasting a remarkable payload capacity of up to 40kg and an impressive range of 1400km.


Safety First

Our drones are equipped with redundancy systems, guaranteeing the secure delivery of cargo, ensuring its safe arrival or a safe return home.


Tailored Solutions

Short distance or long distance, heavy or lighter weights? We offer flexible options to meet diverse budgets and specific requirements.

Our Services

Experience a seamless flow of blood, organs, and medical equipment across Scandinavian hospitals with EMD. We provide an efficient and sustainable solution that minimizes pollution without compromising cost-effectiveness. Regardless of the distance, our dedicated team stands ready to cater to the transportation needs of hospitals, guaranteeing timely and dependable delivery. Join us in pioneering a transformation in medical transport, all while safeguarding the health of our planet.

Organ Transport

Utilizing advanced temperature-controlled transportation boxes, we’re equipped to safely transport a wide range of organs. Our drones, capable of travelling up to 1400km, guarantee efficient and secure organ delivery.

Blood plasma

Overcome delays in medical operations caused by ground transportation. Our swift and reliable service ensures the rapid transport of blood plasma, optimizing medical practices.

Medicine and Medical Equipment

Efficiently transport vital medicine and equipmentweighing up to 40 kg. A hospital in Copenhagen can receive crucial equipment from Gothenburg within a remarkable 1.5 hours.

Innovative Smart Transportation Capsule

A game-changing solution designed to seamlessly connect and communicate with our drones. Certified for transporting blood and most organs, our intelligent capsule ensures the utmost safety and security of valuable medical cargo

Efficient logistical planning

Track your cargo’s flight progress on an interactive map with the ‘Smart’ App. Stay updated in real-time, mitigating transportation delays and refining hospital logistics. We guarantee timely deliveries of crucial cargoes, such as blood and organs. Elevate your logistics and transportation experience now.

How was the cargo handled during the journey?

With the Smart App, not only can you monitor temperature, moisture content, and movement in real-time, but you can also retrieve a comprehensive journey report. This allows for in-depth review and analysis of conditions at every stage of the transportation process.

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Introducing the future of medical transportation: a game-changing medical take-away service. Hospitals can effortlessly order supplies with a single button press. With a reach of 1400km, guaranteed temperature-controlled cargo, and only 1% of a helicopter’s CO2 emissions, we stand as your eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

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