Welcome to European Medical Drone

Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, we are driven by a profound passion for drones and aviation. This enthusiasm spurred us to develop a project that taps into the remarkable abilities of these aerial devices. Witnessing drones operate autonomously has been truly captivating.

Comprising drone enthusiasts and aviation experts, our team blends rich piloting backgrounds with cutting-edge drone technology. Our combined experience gives us an unmatched perspective in the field. Emphasizing safety and efficiency, we set the standard for drone-operated medical transport.

Meet Our Team

At European Medical Drone we have assembled a remarkable team of talented individuals who play a crucial role in our success. We owe our accomplishments not only to the dedication and expertise of our own team but also to the unwavering support we receive from drone manufacturers and the medical industry.

Martin Braaen, Co-Founder, Accountable Manager

With two decades in aviation, Martin started as a helicopter pilot.

Before delving into the transformative world of drones, he served as a flight instructor,

Captain, and safety specialist in the oil and gas sector, sharpening his skills in risk assessment, safety protocols, and flight analysis.

Tomas Glatzl, Co-Founder, Project Manager

Tomas Glatzl, one of the founders of European Medical drone and an esteemed figure in the Swedish drone industry, leads our project management. With over 15,000 flight hours across fixed- wing aircraft, helicopters, and drones, Tomas’s expansive network and deep industry knowledge are invaluable for the development of our drone operations, crafting of procedures, and spearheading sales initiatives.

Gunnar Brandrup-Wognsen, Medical Advisor

Gunnar Brandrup-Wognsen is associate professor in Cardiothoracic Surgery at the University of Gothenburg.

Dr Brandrup-Wognsen was the Head of the Cardiothoracic Department at Sahlgrenska University Hospital from 2003-2006.

He is the former President of the European Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation.


Skilled Aviators

Our team comprises season helicopter pilots and drone enthusiasts with diverse aviation backgrounds, including medical services, oil and gas, and drone development.


Specialised Drones

We employ cutting-edge drones designed exlusivily for medical transport. Safety, cargo capacity, and extended range are our top priorities.


Environmental Care

Our hybrid drones emit only 1% of the CO2 produced by helicopters, ensuring a greener and cleaner future for medical aviation.


Unrivaled Performance

Experience unmatched safety and performance with our drones, boasting a remarkable payload capacity of up to 40kg and an impressive range of 1400km.


Safety First

Our drones are equipped with redundancy systems, guaranteeing the secure delivery of cargo, ensuring its safe arrival or a safe return home.


Tailored Solutions

Short distance or long distance, heavy or lighter weights? We offer flexible options to meet diverse budgets and specific requirements.

With three decades in the medical industry, both as a surgeon and a medical director, I’ve witnessed numerous instances where vital surgeries were delayed due to shortages of blood plasma or essential equipment. This initiative will not only elevate the capabilities of larger hospitals but will also empower smaller institutions, enabling them to tap into and benefit from a shared network. It feels as if the future has arrived, and I truly believe that this drone operation will revolutionize the medical industry.

Gunnar Brandrup-Wognsen

Medical Advisor at European Medical Drone

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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